Here's a great way to avoid having your middle-aged second cousin in Ohio who's obsessed with "Mahalo Blahnicks" come visit New York: just ship them some Magnolia cupcakes instead.

Yes, that's right, the famed bakery, immortalized in Sex and the City and reviled by tourist-hating Manhattanites, has just announced that they're starting nationwide shipping on January 2. Pre-order your hundred-pack of mini buttercream cupcakes now, sheeple!

And while you're stuffing your face over there in Bufu, Middle America, feel free to wash down that "authentic" taste of New York with a fresh-from the USPS fully cooked corned beef brisket from the Carnegie Deli and a pepperoni pie from New York Flying Pizza. Then go back to watching The Celebrity Apprentice and dreaming of one day making it big in the Big Apple. [via Grub Street]