Even though burritos are expanding our waistlines, we're never going to stop eating them. Starting March 3rd, we'll have yet another place to get our gut bomb on when fast-casual Mexican spot Oxido opens on West 23rd Street. Carnitas seekers will remember that this block used to house one of the city's few Qdoba outlets (RIP), which is why it's with great pleasure that we tell you: Oxido has queso.

In addition to molten cheese, the menu follows the Chipotle model of mix-and-match options for burritos, tacos and bowls. Chef and owner Jesse Perez—a lauded restaurateur from San Antonio—offers five potential proteins and fillers, including grass-fed grilled garlic steak, New Mexican beef curry and red chile mushrooms. To that, add fillers like basmati rice, chipotle black beans or sweet corn relish plus an additional dollop of cilantro guacamole or cheesy queso blanco.

There are lots of sauce options depending on your desired heat level. Salsa fresca claims to be made with "magic," as well as the usual components. Other options include a Smoked Jalapeno with roasted tomatoes and garlic, creamy Chipotle Crema and a Fire-Roasted Tomato. On the side, the usual tortilla chip options with guacamole, salsa fresca and queso blanco for dipping.

18 West 23rd Street, 212-256-1072; website

Oxido Menu