Based on all the reader responses on our last Shake Shack post, we figure that the image that Adam over at A Hamburger Today found might please some of you. Adam writes:

I was just on Windows Live Local, Microsoft's answer to Google Earth, and typed in "Madison Square Park" to see if there'd be a satellite image of the line at Shake Shack.
There's no line in the photo because THERE'S NO SHAKE SHACK. Click on the image above for a bigger version.

Seems like Microsoft needs to update their shit because we all know that SHAKE SHACK IS THE BIGGEST THING TO HAPPEN TO BURGERS EVER!!!

Also, for the burger and beach lovers out there, don't forget about the Gothamist-A Hamburger Today QBQ-BBQ this weekend at Water Taxi Beach. Tickets are still available at either $9 for two burgers or $16 for four. Should be a tasty time.