Imagine Don Draper downing cocktails in a rural Washington state cabin and you'll have a pretty good idea of the vibe at The Lately, LDV Hospitality and Den Hospitality's newest venture that opens tonight in Chelsea. Said originally to have been inspired by Mad Men and Twin Peaks, the large bi-level bar goes for an "upstate cabin of yore" vibe that's the perfect setting for a murder palpable without being overly twee. Plus: mallards. Did Agent Cooper grow up to be Trey MacDougal? Yes.

Den's Grant Wheeler designed the cocktails, some of which strive for a "deeper exploration of our favorite classics" including The Jaguar Shark ($17, strawberry-infused gin, aquavit, aveze, lacusta rojo and celery shrub), while others "[push] the borders of flavor and recognition to the source" like a Jack Daniels, Punt e Mes, spiced kola cordial and lemon ditty called Lemmy Lives ($16). But they'll also mix you up a Manhattan ($14) if you're into the whole brevity thing.

LDV's responsible for the food, which are more bar bites than sit-down fare. Munch on curried chicken skewers ($9), quinoa hush puppies ($6) or a jambon buerre sandwich ($12) made with Dickinson's Farmstand smoked ham and butter. In true bar snacks fashion they're offering "Shaken Popcorn" ($4), which can be ordered in sriracha, dill pickle, white cheddar and black pepper/asiago flavors.

357 West 16th Street, 212-206-1096;