2006_01_macattack.jpgFor the past eight hours, we've been thinking about macaroni and cheese, in no small part due to Julia Moskin's mac and cheese odyssey in the Times' dining section. Even though this will seriously cripple our annual New Year's resolution of losing weight, Gothamist is determined to sate our craving for some cheesy pasta. We might head to City Bakery, but upon reading the article, we really want to try Daphne's Caribbean Express. What are some other places to hit up for mac and cheese? We've liked Cafeteria's, and Petite Abeille in Tribeca has a really rich and creamy pasta and cheese with jambon (perfect comfort food, even if it brings you one step closer to needing an angioplasty).

The Times' recipes for creamy and crusty macaroni and cheese; we prefer crusty (we also prefer muffin tops to muffin bottoms) - how about you? Gothamist cooked Canteen's max & cheese with great results.