The foodie set has been waiting with bated breath for this moment...Long Island City's "Quebeco-American Diner" M. Wells has started serving dinner—with some dishes priced as high as $150! Right now they're only doing their dinner thing Tuesday through Thursday from 6-11 PM, so if you are the type who must try these things first a reservation might be in order.

And what are they serving? Well, there are "small dishes" like butter chicken (with spicy yogurt and an English muffin, $16) and escargot and bone marrow (with shallots and red wine purée, $9) but there are also "big dishes," like Salmon Coulibiac (with puff pastry, fried pickles and smoked cream, $75) and a Peking Duck which they say serves four (three courses with pancake, fried rice and consume, $150). You can see the full menu here.

21-17 49th Avenue, Long Island City, (718) 425-6917