Mmm, the Daily News examined some delicious lunch spots, from the affordable, like The Adore, to the gourmet-to-go, 'wichcraft, plus the "break the bank" kind (Masa, with a $300 lunch), which makes Gothamist want to plan what we'll be eating for lunch this week. And it got us thinkig that the next big sandwich in this post-panini (Monterey Cheese and turkey says quesedilla more than panini to us), post-make-your-own-salad (we're tired and lazy now - pick for us) time might be the banh mi - the Vietnamese sandwich. cityrag posted about Saigon Banh Mi in Chinatown (a stall near the intersection of Forsythe, Division, and East Broadway), and describes the sandwich as being "huge, made with all kinds of tasty fresh ingredients (French bread, shredded carrots, radish, slices of cucumber, lunch meat, bbq pork and a variety of sauces/seasoning) and are super cheap! usually around $3 for a massive sandwich that can feed 2." Now, if only there was banh mi at the local delis.

What do you think will be the next big lunch trend? For more about food: Gothamist Food and Gothamist's other food archives.