It seems we're writing quite a few eulogies these days. The latest (today) comes from Greenpoint, where neighborhood mainstay Lulu's is throwing in the towel. Greenpointers spotted signage indicating the pizza bar was closing, and manager Ani Monteleone said the shutter had "something to do with an unresolvable disagreement with the landlords of the space."

That disagreement likely has to do with owner John McGillion's desire to turn the venue into a gay and lesbian bar when sales began to dwindle, something the landlord expressly forbid in the lease. The document stated that the premises "shall not be used for adult entertainment and shall not be operated as a gay or lesbian bar and/or restaurant." McGillion sued and, from the looks of it, lost.

The final shebang at Lulu's will be August 9th, with a live music show played by "bands from past and present employees of Lulu’s," according to Greenpointers, who also reveal there are "no plan[s] to open a new Lulu’s." It's a blow to the neighborhood, to be sure, but McGillion's other free pizza venues like The Charleston and The Alligator Lounge are still open in Williamsburg for a dirt cheap dinner date.