Gilmore Girls is briefly returning this year, thanks to Netflix, and in celebration of its comeback (and "of the 16th Gilmoreversary"), there will be promotional stunts. Up first: Luke's Diner is coming to a coffee shop near you.

Luke's Diner is, of course, owned by the fictional Luke Danes, whose gruff exterior and seemingly contemplative soul you probably liked when the show first aired, but by now realize what an awful human he was. Really! THE WORST. KEEP READING FOR FURTHER PROOF.

Anyway, Netflix will bring Luke's Diner to the following locations on October 5th:

  • The Bean at 101 Bedford Ave
  • Sir D’s Lounge at 837 Union St
  • Brooklyn Roasting Company at 200 Flushing Ave

What will be happening there? They say you'll be able to "enjoy a free cup of Luke's coffee from 7 a.m. to noon (or while supplies last) and other special touches from the show and surprises from Netflix." More details here... just remember: no cell phones, and no breastfeeding. To quote Luke himself, "In the old days a woman would never consider doing that in public, she would find a barn or a cave. I just can't stand here and let the lactating continue."