Bars like Ludlow Manor, a three-level macaron of fancified boozing on the southwest corner of Ludlow and Delancey, continue to crop up in the Lower East Side. Call it gentrification or the "Lower Eastpacking District," we just call it "expensive." But the Lo-Down reports that CB 3 voted 3-2 last night to reject Ludlow Manor's request for liquor permits on the second and third floors, after allegations that the venue had been operating illegally without them. “You are using a catering permit to conduct regular business. These are not private parties,” CB 3's SLA committee chair Alex Militano said.

The bar is notable not only for being part of the gilded corner gamble of Ludlow & Delancey (Hotel Chantelle is across the street) but because it's associated with a guy who used to engage in the act of coitus with Lady Gaga, Luc Carl. Despite reports that Carl was a part-owner of the venture, Ludlow Manor's attorney assured the board that he was just a manager.

The attorney also claimed that anyone holding a drink on the second or third floors bought it on the ground level, where a liquor license has been approved by the SLA. "Sometimes people go up," he said, citing the concept that Isaac Newton discovered after DESTROYING a case of Schlitz. CB 3 wasn't buying it. “I can’t approve you because you are already operating against the law," Militano said before voting it down. Another boardmember also characterized Ludlow Manor as defiant: "There have been multiple misrepresentations to us. You are operating outside the rules." The SLA alone will now determine whether or not to grant the establishment the licenses.

So go grab a drink (downstairs, of course) and admire the palm trees while you can. Or you can always head to a bar where the only palm trees are the ones drawn to look like penises in the bathroom.