Unlike most knife fights, this one seems to have a happy ending. Murder charges have been dropped against Lucali pie man Mark Iacono and reported Genovese family associate Batista Geritano related to the April daytime meleé in a Carroll Gardens deli. As predicted, because both men refused to speak to authorities about what exactly happened inside the now-closed Joe's Superette, authorities had little to bring before a grand jury. "They've been uncooperative," a spokesman for the DA in the case told the Brooklyn Paper, "They haven't been talking the whole time." Iacono and Geritano reportedly have known each other since childhood, and the spat was reported to have been caused by a love triangle between the two men and Geritano's girlfriend.

Iacono's lawyer told the paper that his client is "very happy with the outcome," and that despite still needing a walker, is back making pizza at Lucali. "His health is much better. He is doing fine." Meanwhile Geritano is still under house arrest for parole violation related to a racketeering charge. A "lifelong resident of the neighborhood" notes that "It was a personal matter, it might have gotten a little out of hand, but I think they handled it." Moral of the story: all's fair in love and war, as long as nobody gets seriously injured or convicted of murder.