New York magazine's Matt Gross looks at how to find the best of one of New York's building blocks: Delicious smoked salmon, aka lox. Mmm...lox. After trying lox from Fairway, Eli's, Russ and Daughters, Petrossian, Zabar's, and Barney Greengrass, the winner, and cheapest around, is...Fairway's own smoked salmon which "melts on the tongue with an intense smokiness almost reminiscent of good bacon," at $17.96/pound. The article also has lox tips from Fairway's Stephen Jenkins, Gothamist's favorite NYC grocery figure this side of Bill Jones.

Warning: If you're going to Fairway on a Sunday morning to prepare for your Sunday bruch, add in another hour of time, because the waits at the deli counter are brutal - the lox slicing is careful and time-consuming. Try getting the lox on Saturday night.