Over the weekend, Jeremiah's Vanishing New York reported that 24-hour restaurant Bereket, at Houston and Orchard, was closing on Sunday at 6 a.m. RIP, perfect cheap food destination for your post-Mercury Lounge hunger pangs.

Bowery Boogie had a last meal there:

It’s just after midnight when we finally get inside. Baklava is what we want, but like much of the menu, it’s no longer available. We settle on the delicious lentil soup. With each slurp we savor the simplicity of the joint: the faded photography, Marco artwork (e.g. Berecat), the collection of PBA cards at the cash register, etc. Then it’s back into the night…

Several readers were quick to mention, though, that Bereket is in fact moving to an unspecified location, possibly to a space over on Allen Street. But, to be honest, this seems unlikely. Even the employees serving us were skeptical it would happen. We nevertheless remain hopeful that a relocation does come to pass, and that the customers follow its journey.

And EV Grieve reported that its "reader Bill Imprint stopped by around 1 a.m., and the quick-serve Turkish restaurant had already run out of falafels and doner kebab sandwiches with several hours to go."

Bereket says that people should follow their Facebook page for more news on a location change. Meanwhile, Bowery Boogie worries about developer Ben Shaoul's plans for the block, since he's bought up property where establishments like "Lobster Joint, Ray’s Pizza, Empanada Mama, the bodega, 200 Orchard, Taqueria, Karaoke Boho" operate.