Yesterday, reader AV sent us an email with the subject, "Columbus Circle subway corridor of horror." She was referring to "freakishly nauseating Crest supergraphics," noting how the campaign "features pores, hairs, tongue textures and skin crevices in eye-gouging detail" and deemed it "a ghastly misappropriation of vinyl output!" AV also sent us some photographs!

It seems that this oral health campaign from Crest and Oral-B—Life Opens Up— is prompting some strong feelings. One person Tweeted, "Giant mouth ads in the Columbus Circle station bug me out," while another wrote, "Love the new ads at the Columbus Circle subway station!" Another wanted some empathy, "Is anyone else freaked out by the Crest ads in the Columbus Circle subway?" (yes: "Am I the only one who is REALLY freaked out by the new Crest ad in the Columbus Cirlcle Subway station?") but then there are some who aren't so upset—"Lol that crest+oral b ad" and "I love the 'life opens up' ad by oral B and Crest. Its awesomeee."

One Crest campaign that we wouldn't mind seeing implemented across all subway stations is the one where they "whitened dirty subway tiles."