Coco66 (photo on right via Here's Greenpoint)

If there's anything we learned from American Horror Story, it's that someone else's nightmare may just be your dream come true (actually we're too scared to watch the show—but that house looks really pretty!). After being shuttered for a while following a raid and a liquor license snafu, Coco66 is for rent. About that liquor license—back in July it was noted that the bar's owner, David Kelleran, had been operating without one, and one promoter familiar with the place declared, "They'll never get a liquor license there again. [Kelleran's] family owns the building, so no one is going to buy it from him and get a license. It's majorly screwed, for many years at least."

So, any potential renters will have to be prepared to start some sort of prohibition era speakeasy. Like a real deal one, not the kind that's totally legal and has charges $16 for a drink mixed by some young, mustached Brooklynite wearing a vest and suspenders. Bonus: with a speakeasy, you could also institute a "no last call" policy—which as we all know, is the dream:

UPDATE: We emailed Coco66, and we're told, "[We] never had to close. It has 2 fully functioning liquor licenses. The secondary license at 68 was not reissued for 30 days as a check the secretary had written to the liquor authority for that license had bounced. Hence causing the ensuing trouble—despite Coco66 having a letter from the SLA granting a 10 day grace period for the 68 license to submit certified funds. The primary license at Coco66 has been fully functioning for 5+ years. The police throwing out $20,000 of booze & the ensuing defamation by the police & several nefarious irresponsible characters & magazines—both on line & in print put Coco66 out of business." Also, rent is $8,000/month.