The mysteriously creepy dive bar called the Navy Cocktail Lounge closed for good last year, concluding a century-long run that began way back in 1907. Located across Flushing Avenue from the Brooklyn Navy Yard, it had served as an ideally located watering hole for generations of longshoremen and sailors. In its later years the Navy became a lapdance joint where "every few minutes Delicious or Cinnamon or Diamond walks up and asks again if you'd like a dance," EV Grieve once reported. Well, take a gander at the old gal now.

It's unclear what the location is going to become, but with all that glass you can bet it's not going to be another lapdance joint. It's currently up for grabs, and being rented out by "real estate specialist" Eliot Dweck, who wasn't available for comment at press time. But for reference, here's what it looked like in the glory days:

(Courtesy EV Grieve)