It's been a long, slow decline for beloved Upper West Side bar P&G Bar, who announced last night via Facebook that they'll be closing on May 31st. "P&Gs will be closing May 31st, reopening asap, Hopefully June 1st as a new business.Thanks everyone for the love,support and great music. and youre welcome for the booze ;)," their message reads.

The haunt, iconic for its bright neon sign, was forced to move out of its original location a few years back, and reopened in a much larger space, expanding their offerings to include live music and trying to compete with the nearby Shake Shack. A bartender we spoke to this afternoon told us, "We're not going out of business, we're reopening right away but under different people," but was unable to offer any further details about the changes.

Patrons seem to be reacting with concern, posting messages on Facebook like "More information, please, Steve. What's going on? Email or text me if you need to; J has my number here. So much love... x."