Add a 10-year-old boy and a police officer to the long list of people who have beef with Taco Bell. Yesterday afternoon the boy and a cop became sick from a beverage that was dispensed from inside a Taco Bell in Merrick, Long Island.

The boy, his dad and his grandfather were having lunch at the Taco Bell when the boy complained that his soda smelled bad, tasted terrible and made him nauseous. The boy's father then decided to take the foul soda to a local police station. There, a police officer smelled the soda—didn't even taste the stuff—and immediately became sick.

The Taco Bell was then shut down by police and a hazmat crew was called to check the place out. A camera crew from CBS 2 caught the unit sanitizing countertops and other items to ensure everything was safe. Locals expressed shocked that the Taco Bell was closed. "I think it’s upsetting because I eat here a lot, and so do my friends," said Deanna Calamusa of Merrick.

After several hours of cleaning and the crew departing, the Taco Bell reopened to a line of people who had been waiting. Apparently not even a poisoning scare, followed by a hazardous waste clean-up, is enough to keep people away from Doritos taco shells.