A London based restaurant offering—you guessed it!—burgers and lobsters will be opening in New York City in August of next year. DNAinfo has the scoop from a recently Community Board 5 meeting, where owner Vladmir Borodin announced plans to bring the surf-and-turf eatery to the a 7,000 square foot space in the Flatiron on 19th Street.

The mini-chain, which operates five restaurants in London, keeps thing really, really simple, offering just three menu items, each selling for $20. Diners can chose between a burger, a grilled lobster or a lobster roll and each entree comes with fries and a side salad. British locations offer a groovy-looking cocktail menu and Borodin says desserts and drinks will rotate and the NYC outpost.

We've reached out to the company to find out more details, like where they're sourcing their beef and lobster at that cost. It'll be a challenge to cut through the burger noise in this town, especially when they're asking a steep $20. But lobster for the same price? Hell to the yeah!