Photo via See-ming Lee's flickr

One man is fed up with what he deems overpriced goods at the city's Green Markets, specifically the one in Union Square. He posted that after not visiting the market there for a year, he returned only to find it's become a "gouging shit fest." With vendors selling cookies for $4 a piece, a bunch of radishes for $7, and jam for $10 a jar... he has now vowed to walk away from buying local. Could the Green Market kill the conscious buyer and in doing so bring Wal-Mart to Union Square?! He writes:

Seriously, I thought the idea of these places was a bit of a bargain because you're supposedly "buying direct" from the farmer or the baker or whoever. Why is it that every fucking body who sells ANYTHING in this town has to be so friggen greedy and sell at premium prices? We're not rich guys, just basic hard working types like a lot of people. I want these vendors to make really good money but if they're this fucking lofty with their little oat cookies and radish bunches, just open a fucking shop on Long Island and make your millions off the rich locals. Why ruin what was such a great, affordable market?

Perhaps the vendors are just trying to combat their own city expenses, however, as one commenter points out, "It's New York City. The overhead costs, which include permits and booth rental in addition to gas, tolls, and labor, all have to be taken into consideration. For comparison, how much would you have to pay if you hauled your ass to their farms?"