via Andrew Fine

There's a new Dunkin Donuts on Lexington Avenue between 84th and 85th Streets, but you probably already know that because they've put so many things up on their storefront to alert the public. Andrew Fine has been keeping an eye on the space, and says "in addition to the 7 signs mentioned yesterday, the approximately 8'x5' flag is back, five flag buntings have been added, a flag themed 'grand opening' sign added, as well as 12 strings of plastic flag banners hanging from as high as 20 feet above the 10 foot storefront." While they don't have any glowing signs, they do have a six foot tall Dunkin Donuts coffee cup mascot stationed outside.

While this is a commendable amount of crap to put on your storefront for the Upper East Side, that's farm league territory—this rookie would practically disappear in Midtown.