Before you contemplate stealing a bunch of live lobsters from your local Shop Rite, keep in mind that the Long Island Sound is suffering from a serious lobster die off, threatening $40 lobster rolls areawide.

Lobster fisherman in the Sound suffered record low hauls this season, experiencing a 54 percent drop-off, as compared to an expected 10 percent drop-off. Though officials have been trying to mitigate the die off, experts say it's not working. "We have a trial survey that conducts sampling in Long Island Sound that’s continued to show further decline or depletion of the population," Fisheries biologist Mark Alexander told CBS 2. "There are no signs of recovery there."

Now, the Long Island Sound's about to get its second annual lobster fishing moratorium. Starting September 8th, lobster fishing in harvesting areas will be prohibited for three months, in hopes of giving lobsters time to make lots and lots of little future lobster mac and cheese ingredients.

And if this scary lobster die off isn't enough to make you thing twice about chowing down on crustaceans, note that scientists say crabs, shrimp and lobsters can indeed feel pain while being boiled alive, no matter what René Descartes says.