We already know there are some freaky-looking lobsters out there in ocean, but this six-clawed crustacean blows the rest of them out of the water. A lobsterman snagged this rare beast off the coast of Hyannis, Massachusetts and, instead of feeding it to the clamoring masses, he decided to preserve its uniqueness for the internet to behold.

The crew donated the lobster to the Maine State Aquarium, where marine scientist David Libby explained that he'd seen deformities like these before, but this mutation was rare. "Sometimes the genes will just get a little mixed and it will grow a funny claw," he told the Bangor Daily News. "But I've never seen anything like this."

The four pound lobster—dubbed Lola—joins a tank full of other lobster curiosities at the aquarium, where she'll live out her life free from average lobster bullying...and as the source of all our aquatic nightmares.