Ben Grossman and Craig Samuel already have a trio of highly successful Southern-influenced restaurants in Brooklyn (Peaches, Peaches Hothouse, The Smoke Joint), but they're expanding their mini empire this week with the opening of the meat-centric Little Brother BBQ. Clinton Hill, prepare to get smoked.

When we called Grossman this morning, he started babbling about barbecue like a man possessed: "I just opened the smoker, and I swear to God—you know in movies when the clouds part and the angels sing?—I swear that's what I saw. It's dark in there but I swear I saw heaven. I cut into the beef rib and oh god." Just how big is the smoker? "If you needed a place to stay, you could probably crash in it for a few days," Grossman says. "You could fit a queen-sized bed in there."

If you're looking less for a place to live and more for a place to eat, however, stop by for a mix-and-match menu of humanely-raised, hormone-free chopped meats (on a sandwich, salad, or plate of dirty rice and beans), sausages, and sides like corn salad and collard greens. Vegetarians, there are plenty of options for you, too, including a meat-free sausage and whole bunch of sides. It's only open for dinner right now, but Grossman told us they hope to open for lunch and offer delivery soon ("We'll paraglide down to your backyard," he joked.)

Early reviews have been quite positive: "My pork sandwich was incredible, with hunks of tender and flavorful meat. Plus two thick and delicious pickles on top. And try the fries, which were outrageously good," wrote one Yelper, while another praised the the chicken, saying "I loved ever morsel of the bird that was served on my plate tonight." Take it to go and head next door to Hot Bird for the ultimate combo: BBQ and beer.