Stingy NYU kids on their way to the freshman 15 will be shocked when they walk into Famiglia on 8th Street and Broadway today and find Lil Jon and Sugar Ray at their service. Grub Street reports that D-list celebs from the Celebrity Apprentice 4 are at the equally D-list pizza chain to raise money for charity and plug the new TV show. (Papa John's must be heartbroken!) While NYU territory may be all riled up by the thought of Mark McGrath and Lil Jon serving up pepperoni slices, the Twitterverse seems to be where the party's at.

Lil Jon's latest twitter post reads, "LETS GET IT POPPINNN… IM N NEW YORK BITCCCHHH!!!" Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg, and Pauly D all seem to be in on it too. Even new lil rapper Justin Bieber (Shawty Mane?) hollas at his "boy" and shows support. Snooki not so much.