dalwhi15.jpgThis holiday season you will probably be attending a party or two with the infamous open bar. While the thought of all those beautiful glass bottles lined up, just begging to be picked is enough to bring a tear to our eye, the critical decision of picking what to drink can be as stressful as trying to shop in Soho this past weekend. Do you pick something new? You’re not paying for it, if you don’t like it, dump it in the fern by the window and move on. This is your chance to be adventurous, to find your next go-to drink (on the company’s tab). Thinking about taking up scotch? Go for the 15 years single-malt. Put your stand-by on the side and drink like you mean it. Here are Gothamist top picks for open-bar-holiday-party-drunken goodness…

Pomegranate Juice and vodka with a sprig of mint
If you are going to celebrate the holiday season like you mean it, might as well break out the red and green with this tangy cocktail. They say pomegranate juice is good for your health so why not bring in the new year high on antioxidants? Cheers to your health.

Kir Royale
Nothing kicks a party up a notch like a tall glass of the bubbly. Throw some crème de cassis in it and you have a rager. They go down easily, so just make sure you don’t.

Dalwhinnie 15 year old Scotch
Unfortunately not too many places carry this Scotch and if they do, you have a moral obligation to order it based on it smoky, peaty goodness. But if they don’t carry this label, feel free to experiment with other Scotches. It may result in a torrid love affair that leaves you broke and with a mean headache. Oh, like that’s different than your other holiday parties.

Hell’s Kitchen
This one was new to us too, but apparently is growing an underground fan club. This cocktail is simply a Manhattan made with Irish Whiskey. They take a little time to warm up to, but don’t worry it’s an open bar with plenty of time for the spark to happen.

With so many options to choose from, the open bar can be your chance to break of your cocktail rut. However, be careful not to mix drinks or drink your weight in alcohol. The only thing worse than calling in sick the day after your company party is calling in embarrassed and chances are they will remember you trying to make out with the coat rack long after the hangover fades (we are not talking from experience -- why, what have you heard?).