LG’s incredible ProBake Convection™ technology ensures completely even heat distribution so that dishes receive a consistent and well-rounded taste no matter where they are placed in the oven. While conventional ovens emit heat from the bottom causing items placed on the lower racks to burn, ovens equipped with LG’s ProBake Convection™ radiate heat from the back wall of the oven in order to distribute heat more evenly and deliver dishes that receive thorough, uniform and professional-style cooking.

Speed Convection system also not only allows dishes to be cooked considerably faster, but gives users the ability to customize heat output on a dish-by-dish basis. Helping save even more time, the addition of the Speed Roast Cooking function means that tedious oven pre-heating is no longer necessary to achieve quick, delicious results.

LG’s new freestanding ranges are also equipped with EasyClean®, allowing consumers to clean their ovens in only 10 minutes at 83 degrees. By dispersing heat from the oven’s rear wall, LG’s freestanding ranges eliminate the need for grooves and indentations at the bottom of most ovens, a common place for food and grime to amass and congeal over time. EasyClean® takes only three simple steps: first, spray the oven interior with water. Next, press the EasyClean® button. Finally, wipe away the mess.

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