Lexington's, a new bar based in The Court Hotel, is threatening to class up the Tonic Easts and Joshua Trees that litter fratastic Murray Hill, offering "classic" cocktails and small plates out of an elegant space.

The eatery, located at East 39th Street and Lexington Avenue, is brought to us by Hospitality Holdings, the food-and-drink group behind high-end establishments like The Campbell Apartment and The Carnegie Club. Lexington's boasts a "Life After Five" theme, which presumably means it's a post-work hangout for the cognac-swilling set. Cocktails like Gin Berry Mules (gin, lime juice, muddled mint and blueberries, ginger beer), Painkillers (Barbancourt 5 Star rum, coconut puree, pineapple and orange juices, nutmeg) and Oaxaca Campfires (Mezcal, Green Chartreuse, Fernet Branca, lemon juice, agave nectar, and mole bitters) run $14, and there are a number of lighter, sparkling wine-infused cocktails that clock in at $12.50. The bar's signature drink, Lexington's Punch, is a hefty cognac-and-curacao concoction made with fresh lemon and orange juices, ginger syrup, lavender bitters—that baby runs $15.

In addition to cocktails, the bar offers a number of red and white wines, craft beers and Scotch's and ryes. Bonus points: a “Billiard Room,” complete with a vintage billiard table and a working fireplace. And if you feel compelled to pair your classy boozing with some food, a small plates menu features charcuterie platters ($20), parmesan truffle fries ($11), flatbread pizzas ($16), mini burgers ($14) and other appetizers that'll help soak up all those cocktails, lest you drunkenly terrorize Midtown along with the rest of Murray Hill's inebriated spawn.

130 East 39th Street at Lexington Avenue; stgiles.com