New York's Hal Rubenstein visits Lever House and loves it. Gothamist loved this description of how Lever House owners fine tuned the restaurant after "prickly" early weeks:

A growing bar crowd discouraged. Demographics shifted and fell into place. Those who love table-hopping at 66 and lounging for hours in a booth at Pastis went back where they belong. Now that everyone is seated, you can appreciate the room’s wonderful sight lines...After two months, Lever House is dancing.

Translation: Lever House is serious and seriously delicious, neither a fad nor a hipster version of Applebee's, you trend whoring scags (No word on if LH can be the hangout for interior design students taken with Mark Newson's design). But Gothamist still likes hanging out for hours at Pastis, as we'll whore any trend that includes frites and crepes suzettes.

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