Levain Bakery is finally going big on the Upper West Side: The bakery's super tiny West 74th Street location will be joined by a much bigger location two blocks away. Real estate broker Rafe Evans told the Post, "They got so sick of being cramped."

While the bakery's humongous, decadent cookies—they are six ounces each!—have always attracted crowds, the lines have gotten longer earlier and earlier over the past year or so. Blame the Instagram age of sharing your food pr0n:

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The new location is at 351 Amsterdam Avenue (between West 76th and 77th Streets), where a retail location vacated by an optometrist has been empty for years. There's 2,000 square feet on the first floor and another 1,000 in the basement—a huge addition on top of their existing 400-square foot "basement" space on West 74th.

The asking monthly rent for the new space is $27,500 (PDF). Which works out to be 6,875 cookies a month.

If you go to Levain, we recommend you try the chocolate brioche (think chocolate chips in between chunks of bread) and the blueberry muffins (so light and blueberry-y!). The flatbread pizzas are also quite tasty.

Levain also has a location in Harlem (2167 Frederick Douglass Blvd.) and a seasonal shop in the Hamptons.