NOOOOOODLES0113.jpegThere are certain Kickstarters we fully support, and this Thai noodle food truck is one of them. In the video below, Siwat Thitiwatana talks about getting his Mamu Thai Noodle truck on the road in New York City, and he's got 29 days to go in fundraising. This afternoon he told us a little bit about what would be on the menu, mostly dishes he has brought over from Bangkok where his family owns and operates three noodle shops.

Siwat tells us, "I went on a noodle journey in Bangkok a few years ago to find as many of the best recipes for Thai Noodle dishes as i could... some of those recipes will be featured on the truck. Dishes will include: Pad Thai, Pad Siew, Kua Gai (stirred chicken noodle dish), Boat Noodles, and Khao Soi." He also plans to "run weekly specials like grilled pork and sticky rice and curry puffs." On the Kickstarter page, he further explains the research that went into the dishes:

"We have done our homework with these recipes. Our Uncle Jirawat currently operates three noodle shops in Bangkok. We are talking about dishes that have been handed down for generations in Thailand! This is truly tasty food, and it deserves an audience. Mamu Thai Noodle will have talented chefs on the truck making sure the quality of our food is always excellent."

To contribute to the cause, head over to the Kickstarter, where rewards include a bear hug, cooking classes, and catered events.