At last, a gold-encrusted dessert fit for a working class budget. Unlike the $26 pancakes or the $25,000 frrrozen haute chocolate, these little sweets still have a single-digit price tag.

They used to be called Tweenkees, but Brooklynite and organic culinary creator Sarah Magid has changed the name to: The Goldies. Magid tells us they're made from "organic dark chocolate sponge cake filled with organic vanillla or espresso whipped buttercream, then covered in organic dark chocolate ganache." And of course, gold metallic powder.

How much will they set you back? Just a smidge more than the $5 soda; they're $6 each, or a dozen for $68. Pick some up at Jan & Aya in Greenpoint (they're only available on weekends). [via Brooklyn Based]