The city's big push to get all of us to keep a pail of decomposing food waste on our counters took another step forward today with a new video of the Mayor and his family composting up a storm in their Park Slope apartment. The spot, narrated by Chiara de Blasio, explains the basics of the city's organic waste recycling program, which has been in pilot mode in parts of Brooklyn and Queens since earlier this spring. "Recycling food and yard waste is a lot easier than people think," she promises. If you say so!

We see the fam hanging in the kitchen; mom/First Lady Of NYC Chirlane is cooking some eggs at the stove, as moms do, while dad and the kids sit around the table eating fruit. In a voice over, Chiara narrates the types of waste eligible for organics recycling (meat, eggshells, corn husks, pizza boxes) and mentions the handy counter bucket and the ease of tossing in scraps while you're cooking or eating. Ready to learn more? Step right this way...

The video's a touchy-feely look at the program, not that there's anything wrong with that. The Mayor jump shooting a watermelon rind into the bucket held by his son is a cute "dad" moment, likely staged by Sanitation Commissioner and composting champion Kathryn Garcia, who's responsible for the video's creation. It's more or less realistic, though; we know Dante takes care of the chores!

The de Blasios had it easy in Park Slope, one of the first neighborhoods to partake in the #BrownBin program. But now that the family has moved to Gracie Mansion, will they be hauling their strawberry tops to the nearest food waste drop off center? We reached out to the Mayor's office for this critical information and we'll update when we hear back. If not, maybe they can find some other use for those sturdy bins.

Update: A source familiar with the city's composting policy says the mayor will continue to recycle organic food in Gracie Mansion; Gracie is considered a City Agency, so it's part of a different pick-up plan.