wild_turkey.jpgYou're tired. You have a kitchen the size of a closet. You can't handle dealing with your guests' various and sundry dietary restrictions/food allergies/food quirks. Whatever the reason, you'd rather eat out on Thanksgiving this year. You've only got a few days left to lock down your reservation, but the options are plentiful. We present you a roundup of roundups, and our picks from the bountiful and tempting options.

Restaurant Girl gives her top picks, and of those, we'd go for Prune ($65), if there's still room. If not, try Gusto ($75) for a Thanksgiving dinner with an Italian twist.

New York Magazine divides up their roundup into neighborhoods in case you don't want to stray too far from home, and includes several options in Brooklyn. Thanksgiving at the Little Owl ($60) sounds divine, with a tasting menu that includes a riesling roast turkey and arugula gnocchi with chanterelle, sage, and pancetta beurre-noisette, as does dinner at Chestnut ($55), with a venison option in lieu of the traditional turkey, and truffled grits with wild mushrooms.

Some last minute additions that escaped the other roundups include Thanksgiving at Centro Vinoteca ($75, which includes a glass of prosecco), featuring a brined, herb crusted turkey with
polenta cornbread, sausage & chestnut stuffing, a three-course prix fixe at Morandi ($55), with Minestra di castagne (chestnut soup) and a rosemary roasted turkey brined with fennel seed, garlic & salt with sage & bruschetta stuffing, and a four course dinner featuring heritage breed turkey with wild mushroom stuffing at Savoy ($85).

A quick look at Open Table provides even more options, including Artisanal ($62/adults, $38/children under 12) and Knife and Fork, with a four course tasting menu for $65.

Are you eating out for Thanksgiving this year? If so let us know where you're going, and check in with us to tell us how it was.