Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles is the latest restaurant to be hit with a lawsuit from waitstaff alleging that management skimmed from their tipping pool. Both of the restaurants' locations are named in the suit, which according to the Post alleges that floor managers took 26% of the pool. "In my experiences at Les Halles, management was, if anything, unusually scrupulous about these things," Bourdain, the chef-at-large, said, referring to the group of people who almost certainly do not raid the bar after-hours while blasting a Kool & The Gang Pandora station through the restaurant's speakers.

The suit, filed by more than 100 people who've worked there for the last six years, also claims that Les Halles paid waitstaff less than the $5 minimum wage for food service employees. We always preferred pooling as opposed to the vicious, territorial struggle of solo-sectioning, but this could be Bourdain's biggest stumbling block since he ate a bunch of flesh in front of starving rich people.