A new petition by concerned citizens of the Lower East Side calls for a halt to the proliferation of cheap pizza counters that have been slowly taking over the neighborhood. No More L.E.S. Pizzerias has issued a plea to Community Board 3, urging members to "promote diversity in low to mid-priced food options" for the area. So far, the petition has collected 10 of the 100 signatures they hope to present at an upcoming CB meeting.

EV Grieve chatted with the petition's point person, who described their feelings on the epidemic. "Every time a restaurant shutters, it seems like a shitty pizza place is born. I'm sick of it." The unnamed petitioner hopes that more small local businesses "like Mimi & Coco's Japanese spot" will be given priority over chains and dollar pizza joints. "It's just so hard for small place to cover the rent and expenses and still scrape a living wage together." Preach.

Dollar slice pizza has been blamed for killing the corner pizzeria and now its nefarious pies of dubious ingredients are killing the souls of LES residents as well. MenuPages lists 26 pizzerias currently operating in the area, which includes local favorites like Rosario's. Yelp lists others, including two iterations of Ray's pizza and a handful of dirt cheap pie slingers like "99 Cent Fresh Pizza."