0908fiveleaves.jpgThis summer came news of a Greenpoint bar called Five Leaves opening and being backed by Heath Ledger (and now by his estate). Urban Daddy has the latest, on the day of the unofficial opening, reporting that "the designer is the man behind Moto, Smith and Mills and Tailor ... The end effect is a bar that Thomas Edison might have built for his buddies. The handmade light fixtures are steel and wire concoctions that seem right out of a lab, and the bathroom door is a massive, '20s-era boiler room door. Even the walls are covered in what the owners call steel wallpaper." And coffee and spirits won't be all that's served; expect greenmarket goodies as well (like Sliced Radishes on Toast with Evans Farmhouse Butter). Tonight the place will be serving up friends and family only, and expected to be there are both Mary-Kate Olsen and Michelle Williams (awkward)—the rest of us are welcome to come next Wednesday, and the hours will be 8 a.m. to...midnight?