Given that those of us who didn't have passage on a giant ark were all supposed to be dead by now, restaurants are scrambling to open their doors to a hungry, sunlight-deprived populace. Unless you HAVE to eat a ready-made meal at Whole Foods (to those people: you have a problem), there's probably a joint nearby that will do the trick.

It's a shame that any restaurant would have to close because of commuting issues, given all the starving, insanely bored people dying to spend the money they saved by not hitting the town last night. The gentlemen over at Immaculate Infatuation are compiling a list on their twitter feed of all the open restaurants in the city, per the people eating in them. A few that have stood out so far that are open: Barrio Chino, Brooklyn Pub House, Pies-n-Thighs, and Tequila Sunrise. If you don't see something you like now, keep checking the list.