Who could forget the Ben & Jerry's "Holy Cannoli" flavor, which, with its generous chunks of cannoli, addictive pistachio ice cream, and rich ricotta, held America in its thrall for one brief, elastic-stretching year? Ben & Jerry's claims the flavor "bombed" because of the ricotta, and eventually yanked the dessert from our sticky fat fingers. But now they're trying to set things right again, with a new riff on the old classic called, simply, Cannoli. Take it. Take the cannoli.

The new flavor replaces the ricotta with Mascarpone ice cream, with fudge covered cannoli pastry chunks and a Mascarpone swirl. Like its predecessor, it's only going to be available for a limited time, so consider yourself warned—sooner or later it's going to go the way of Festivus. Anticipation is already high, with the first comment on the company's Facebook announcement wondering, "Are you guys insisting that I get fat or something?" Heh, we all know Ben & Jerry & Unilever already accomplished that goal. Now they're simply trying to kill us.