Kimchi, the fermented Korean dish made of vegetables and potent seasonings, dates back thousands of years—we know from Wikipedia that the first text-written evidence of its existence can be found in the first Chinese poetry book, Shi Jing. These days it's an essential side dish at Korean restaurants, and has been known to "clean out" the cobwebs within many a hungover New Yorker. It's invigorating stuff, and if you're a kimchi fanatic curious about making this delicious dish yourself, The Korea Society is here to help.

Starting Friday, October 7th, Korean Chef Haelin Lee will lead a series of weekly workshops teaching you how to make cabbage, radish, cucumber and white cabbage kimchi, as well as other kimchi delicacies. Lee learned the art of traditional Korean cooking as an assistant to Master Chef Jungyoung Sun, where she aided with meal preparations for the President of South Korea and his guests. Next Friday night's action starts with cabbage kimchi and kimchi pancake; in subsequent weeks Lee will teach you the secrets of radish kimchi, kimchi and squid, cucumber kimchi, kimchi bibimbap, and white cabbage kimchi.

The series ain't cheap—it's $250 for non-members of the Korea Society, but that covers four workshops with a kimchi MASTER, and what else are you going to do for four consecutive Friday nights this fall, surf OkCupid while half-watching Bridesmaids again? This could be a great way to finally meet someone who shares your kimchi obsession! Alternatively, if you're not quite ready to make this kind of investment in your kimchi future, Mrs. Kim's in Greenpoint serves up a powerful kimchi sampler.