Are you just starting to figure out how to compost your food scraps? Or toting your own iced coffee cup? If you are trying to minimize your trash and lower your carbon footprint, this weekend you can learn from pros. Starting tomorrow, the Finnish Cultural institute In New York is hosting Zero Waste Bistro, with brunch and lunch sessions, and free talks on edible building materials and zero waste fashion.

Zero Waste Bistro will host chefs from Nolla, a restaurant in Helskini that aims to be the first zero-waste restaurant in the city. The restaurant is looking at how to rethink food packaging and incorporate “overlooked byproducts of our foodsystem.”

We’re planning a menu of foods & materials made from the sea; foods & materials from the forest; and foods & materials from the field like flax and rice. We will set the table with materials made from the same categories. Flax (linen) will be a tablecloth and napkins, the centerpiece along the length of the table will be made from the basic ingredients of building materials and food, and each place setting will be made of building materials such as porcelain tiles. Everything will be reusable and zero waste.

More restaurants and food vendors are looking for ways to reduce their food waste, but it’s often the diners, and their ordering habit, that are the biggest offenders.

Zero Waste Bistro will be held at WantedDesign Manhattan The Terminal Stores Building, May 19-22. 269 11th Avenue, between 27th and 28th Street