Jake Eberle's cheery Greenpoint bistro Le Fond may be one of the city's best neighborhood restaurants. The atmosphere is convivial, you can dine solo and not feel awkward, and Eberle's food is at once familiar and intriguing. And while thoughtful dishes are the hallmark of a destination restaurant, a good neighborhood eatery knows that sometimes you just need to relax, drink a few glasses of wine, and put some simple, homey fare into your mouth. That's where Fondue Tuesdays come in at the Norman Avenue restaurant.

Eberle began the special back in January, when this writer—who follows the restaurant on Twitter—noticed information about the new weekly special. Lured by the promise of molten cheese and a reasonably-priced dinner, a duo set forth to try the fondue, which comes with a bounty of dipping vessels (broccoli, bread, apple slices and the like), plus the addition of a seared steak for a total of $24 or $18 for a vegetarian version.

For his fondue, Eberle's employing a cheese called Alpha Tolman, an Alpine-style melting variety made by Jasper Hill in Vermont. There's a zippiness to the resulting concoction, likely from the addition of a good wine or some acidic element that brings some brightness to the fat. Halfway through, the server will add a little hot water to what's left of the cheese, ensuring the mixture stays liquified until the last cube of bread has taken its bath.

The portion can easily feed two—especially if you have trouble resisting Le Fond's incredible duck pasta as a supplement—plus Tuesdays are half-priced bottles of wine night, meaning a table for two can snag a delicious, filling meal for just around $53 with tax and tip. You'll leave sated, a little buzzed and with dollars to spare for a cab ride home.

105 Norman Avenue // 718-389-6859