091608sirio.jpgLe Cirque owner Sirio Maccioni, who's been known to lash out at critics by publicly trashing their "ugly" wives, has agita all over again. The cause this time is a perceived betrayal by interior designer and architect Adam Tihany, who did Le Cirque's current home. His crime? Taking a job redesigning Daniel, which is located in the original Le Cirque space and operated by French chef Daniel Boulud, who ran Le Cirque's kitchen until an acrimonious meltdown with Maccioni. Now Maccioni "seethes" in a great stream-of-consciousness rant to Gael Greene that "Adam Tihany will never do anything for me again. I should have 10% cent of everything Adam earns. I should have 5% from everyone who copies the crème brulee—I would be rich. And the bass with potatoes that everyone copies. People stop now to work for the glory and just work for the money. People tell me Le Cirque should do pizza delivery and crème brulée delivery. I’m a single person. I’m a family." If Sirio seems a little confused, it's probably just because he's preoccupied with the impending truffle season.