Williamsburg, which is fast becoming geographical embodiment of LCD Soundsystem's "New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down," will soon get a new wine bar courtesy of LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy. Farewell, edge, you shall never return now.

The bar, dubbed "The Four Horsemen," is located in the old Foodswings space and a short walk from the snazzy new BMW dealership and/or offices and/or lifestyle center heading to the area. It's expected to open early next month, and will focus on "natural wines," along with snacks and large plates curated by former Franny's chef Nick Curtola.

Murphy reportedly discovered natural wine while blowing eighty-five days in the middle of France and/or during a trip to Paris. "It was absolutely mind-blowing,” he told the Times. “This was much more radical than I’d expected." So, this wine bar will be radical, at least.

This isn't Murphy's first foray into food, drink, and retail—he teamed up with Blue Bottle to create a pretty great single-origin espresso line last year, and he's touted plans to open a Williamsburg curio shop a few years back, though that has not happened yet. "There’s kind of a limitless amount of things I want to do, and when the path seems to open, that’s when I try to do a thing," he said. Maybe if customers drink enough wine, he'll bring LCD Soundsystem back—or, at the very least, we'll get drunk enough to get a jukebox version of Sound of Silver to sound real.