2006_11_turkey_dinner.jpgOkay, so slaving in the kitchen for hours on end isn't for everyone. If you want to leave the entire Thanksgiving planning, shopping, prep, cooking, and cleanup to someone else, or if the thought of eating aunt Irma's dried out excuse for a bird throws you right over the edge, dining out might be for you. Grab the family and a few friends for good measure and instead of making a turkey or a pumpkin pie, make a reservation.

Manhattan User's Guide provides a comprehensive list of restaurants offering traditional and non-traditional Thanksgiving menus, from A Voce to Wallse and many in between. Open Table also lists scads of options, while NY Mag gives a roundup by neighborhood. We also know that Savoy is offering a delicious-looking menu and plan to get a full report from someone eating there that day, and we would love to try Chef Michael Psilakis of dona's Thanksgiving dinner since we've been so impressed with the rest of his food.

Anyone dining out for Thanksgiving this year or have reviews from Thanksgivings past? We want to hear all about it!