What a world we live in where we can get chips made into food and food made into chips. Following the successful injection of garlic bread chips into our gullets, Lay's has unveiled the four contestants for this year's Do Us A Flavor campaign, where (stoned?) Americans designed their dream crisps. You spoke, America, and as usual you should have kept your big mouth holes shut. This year's contestants are: Wasabi Ginger, Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese, Mango Salsa and Cappuccino.

The first three seem innocuous enough, though if we see the word bacon one more goddamn time... But then there's cappuccino, thrown into the mix for that little touch of fingers-crossed-virality that's needed to do anything of "value" these days. According to the AP, the cappuccino flavor "doesn't contain any actual coffee or caffeine," which at least would have offered a reason to stuff your maw with sweet potato chips. Remember those Pringles? Shudder.

It's not the first time the company has dabbled into caffeine-themed beverage chips. A few years back they "teamed up" with Pepsi to create some cola-flavored chips (in China) but we're not holding out much hope that frothy coffee chips will be a big hit in the States. Mango Salsa sounds like a snooze and we already ranted about the bacon so there you have it. Our money's on Wasabi-Ginger, which follows the big "Asian" flavored trend we're used to seeing by now; the company plans to release Korean barbecue and Thai Sweet Chili flavors in its Stax product line later this month.