Finally, Lay's is letting America in on the "strange potato chip" fun. While we aren't getting to taste anything as magical as China's "Cola Chicken" chips or "Hot Chili Squid" we are getting some fun new flavors. Sriracha chips, anyone?

Starting this week Lay's is going to be selling three new potato chip flavors to hungry consumers: Sriracha chips, "Cheesy Garlic Bread" chips and—because why not?—"Chicken and Waffles" chips. After they hit stores consumers can vote for their favorites and the "winner" will stay on the market indefinitely. Of course, if they all sell well then they'll all stay. This is America, after all, and the consumer is always right!

Though Lay's likes to roll out a new flavor each year, this is the first time they are letting the consumer "choose" which one "wins." In the States, at least:

Frito-Lay first tried such a contest in the United Kingdom for its Walkers brand in 2008. Fans came up with Walkers Chilli & Chocolate and Walkers Cajun Squirrel. Builder's Breakfast, which tasted like a full bacon, sausage and eggs breakfast, won. But the flavor has since been discontinued.

Meanwhile the company has to be a little miffed about the way the new flavor was rolled out. The company had been hoping to make a splash with the news this week but got their surprise spoiled by the interwebs. Have you spotted any of these new flavors yet?