One East Village restaurant is already imagining the days when the slush lagoons recede and existing outdoors isn't painful anymore. Alex Stupak's excellent taco-centric eatery Empellon Al Pastor is attempting to get one step ahead of the NIMBYs by starting a petition to get outdoor seating at their St. Mark's Place digs.

The restaurant Tweeted the petition yesterday afternoon, hoping to attract more than 100 taco lovers to affix their name to the plight. "We would love to offer you outdoor seating during the summer and need your support when presenting this idea to the Community Board," the petition reads. So far, they've got about half the signatures they need for a successful campaign.

Community Boards across the city are notoriously prickly about granting outdoor seating to restaurants, especially ones that serve alcohol, as is the case here. As an additional hurdle, the restaurant agreed to "not commercially operate any outdoor areas" per their agreement with CB3, as noted by EV Grieve.

We've reached out to the restaurant to ask about their tactic and plans for the outdoor section if it gets approved; we'll update when we hear back.