Kickstarter is a really great idea, one that has helped many worthwhile projects get off the ground. However, lately it seems like everyone is asking for money, and the projects' quality is becoming questionable. Case in point: a Brooklyn couple wants $25,000 to fund their "Grilled Cheesus" sandwich maker. A grilled cheese maker that burns Jesus on to your bread—an idea that basically already exists in many forms.

Anyway, Rob Corso and Meg Sheehan want you to fund their very important electronic grilled cheese sandwich press. They have somehow (a miracle?) already raised over $5,000 towards their project, which essentially they need funded so they can make more money by selling the novelty machine.

It seemed like when it started, Kickstarter was a great place for creative projects to launch and worthwhile goals to be reached, but mass-producing a "Grilled Cheesus" sandwich press seems a little QVC to us. Should Kickstarter be more selective in choosing projects, or should we really be throwing money at a sandwich machine?:

[via Foodiggity]