We're a firmly pro-Pizza Bagel media outlet, and so it gives us great joy to learn that LES bagel upstarts Black Seed Bagels are on the right side of history as well. The extremely popular bagel spot begins a special late-night service this week, opening their doors from 10 p.m. until the tequila-twinged hour of 4 a.m. on Thursdays through Saturdays.

Once inside, revelers and study breakers can opt for either a Cheese Pizza with Basil ($6) or a Pepperoni Pizza ($7.50) crafted atop one of their hand rolled, wood fired bagels. Guests can choose which variety of bagel they'd like (depending on availability); pepperoni on poppy sounds pretty great! Whether you're Camp Pizza Bagel or no, this is bound to be a vast improvement over the toaster oven-ketchup-bagged cheese options we remember as after-school snacks.

Additionally, the shop will be doing a "Bagels by the Bulk" option in half dozen or dozen bags, with the cream cheese and spreads served on the side. Go crazy, you freaky toasters.